visual frames

From the point of view of anything, a new perspective is born.  On the lands of the ancient Greek theater of the Sicilian landscape, new perceptions grew into me as a wild grass involuntarily grows inside a pot of well-cared plantanture, embodying itself within the mud and dirt that is naturally needed ..  in order to identify the object as one pot that carries one plant, and nourishes boundless growth and crescenting evolution.

The wild roots proliferate and amplify, and naturally, propagate and diversify the perspective views of any insect that chooses to make that specific environment its habitable home.


New openings emerge and new tunnels are constructed.  Openings are created revealing  the sky, and pre-existing ones are being blocked by spontaneous growth.

These apertures take many forms and create a diversified palette of collective and organic frames.  The frames define, suddenly, the perspective view.  The frames make the perspective cognition involuntary, as it is already set to stone (to rock, or to mud);  it enforces the angle of vision.

Suddenly, all subjects are forced to see all objects in the same compositional setting.  Perhaps only the perception of color is changed.  For this, the  ‘monochrome’ expression is best fit.  With a hint of colorful affiliation for the rational mind, in this delicate wilderness, ancient memory and contemporary blistful passage of a photographic and instantaneous, ever-changing viewpoint.

Luckily, the frame will always remain, as originally intended, and as perspectively evolved.

The rest is due to organic manipulation, which does not alter deliberately, but varies on a similar qualitative language of loose framework that rigidifies the endless horizon of lustful beauty.

Suddenly, a preliminary painting is being perceived.

(original draft: Oct.15, 2012 ~ Siracusa, Sicily)


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