Dimitris Gravalos Portrait

In the world of track and field, I still struggle to find people who lack the self-absorbing delusional impression of the undeclared ‘star’.   A vast majority of them wander around with the hope or false impression that all eyes are admiring their narcissistic figures.  However, the ones who are truly swift, almost immediately lose my  superficial   admiration of their good bio-mechanics, the minute they open their mouths on time to extirpate whatever good impression was created.
Animation characters of idealized personalities of well balanced faults and weaknesses, have become role models, often sub-consciously, of those who truly understand the purpose of what they are doing.
Kabamaru is the favorite of my good track buddy, Dimitris Gravalos, a real athlete who I hope has captured the deep essence of training and will continue to be a real champ in life, regardless whatever circumstances !  Kisses to him !

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