You are what the time shows, and announcing it, creates a form of adaptability between what you dream of yourself being, and what the reality truly is. Adaptability of training performances for instance… it is completely different to the adaptability of the official stats of momentary performances. Therefore, one questions between the reality of daily proof and the reality of official status. In the end, glory is based on means of recording one’s performance, regardless of how official or unofficial it has been. Perspective is the key to recognition, and perspective is the analogy of advertising. Advertising adapts our brains to certain images – it is a form of brainwashing. “Facebook” for instance… it becomes the brainwashing means of popularity and diluted images of one’s worth. The true essence of one’s being, yet only remains 100% pure on face-to-face encounter. No matter how complex means of communication become, the purity of knowledge will always remain the same through eternity: By using all five senses.

There is even an adaptability to doing nothing. Adaptability to the constant stimulus of a television that thinks for one’s own sake; stealing away imagination and capturing moments of one’s essential and sincere reality.

Adaptability, again takes place in the creative process. It is a flow of thoughts where one links with the other and the overall effect is one of continuous concentrated inspiration that starts from a moment of multiple points of inspiration, travels nothing but linearly, and never ends. This is perhaps why a number of artists are usually messed up in the head. There is no linearity in their existence.

The most unfortunate reality of adaptability is that it occurs hand in hand with the suffering during the experience of the alteration. It’s evident in strong bodies, which have endured the change of force causing their physiques to have adapted to a higher bar of external stimuli. The receiving process is one of pain, and the reward is the adaptability to a higher existence. This is the same with psychology. Although psychological adaptability is much more complex – it requires unseen forces and a complexity of support, varying from individual to individual and from circumstance to circumstance. For this alone, words are gibberish. And so are superficial impressions.

adaptability_Stefanie Leontiadis

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