9 days of Leopard Snow

The Snow Leopard is in extinction. Each day of global immobility towards its evolution is a trackback towards its survival. Imagine the degrees of emotion that undergo through its veins, as there is no place for it to step on. I haven’t imagined, I have known. Not because I claim to be a snow leopard… But because other kinds of things take place… The type of things associated with psychological turmoils and awareness of one’s emotional ups and downs. Especially when those are controlled and tuned by external interventions. One cannot feel by being alone… So cheers to the expression of feelings and the entrapping of emotions into visual frames. It momentarily helps for purposes of fragmented extraction, but it never frees the caging sense of the sensation itself… Similarly to factual awareness.. So now we all know that the Snow Leopard is in extinction, and we have all sent some virtual affection and love. Consequently, I have become more artistically skilled and you have seen moods of my and perhaps Its emotional pitches. Very likely Yours, as well. As Someone quite often says, “round and round we go”….

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