Site patterns

Stefanie Leontiadis_moment-in-the-woods-totw_2  Karoutes_Stefanie Leontiadis

I finally decide to penetrate through some woods, in order to better figure out the area surrounding the lake of the mysterious aqua-Man, Conrad-G. I am tracing every path and investigating every strange plant, in order to understand the morphology and character of each environmental region and establish site patterns that could perhaps give some answers on the means of connectivity of each apparently separated plane and each isolated Forest. 

Everything seems dispersed for no reason. In the past, Forests were separate entities, however serving a purpose; to host isolated Family Rulings. The boundaries of each Forest was the perimeter of some mini-empire. 

“Your eyes are not enough to realize true danger”… 

It is indeed strange that I have not encounted any kind of jeopardy yet… 

Perhaps I am just too good at following my instincts. 

(excerpt from an upcoming novel)

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