micro culture tears

Another trip in a few days, for a few months. Back to Milan – a city of foggy feelings and grey uncertainties!

Wandering yearly between two continents almost since I was born, trying to figure out and absorb the positives of each culture I came across, I must say that I have found the Italian culture challenging, and me surprising  myself constantly with the ever appearing emotion of intimidation.  I was hanging out with a French-Albanian friend of mine once during my stay there, who settled in italy seven years ago,  confirming  my already acquired impressions of people talking a whole lot, and meaning perhaps less than half of what they said. His perception was and still is that people behave like this so recurrently, that one has no choice but to blend in to  survive in such a tricky country. Luckily, my un-blendifull nature has left this cultural feature completely forsaken!

And then there’s these milanese new acquiaintances who will ask  “why the heck Milan”, which immediately reminds me of the tired New Yorkers of the United States who would ask me “why the heck  leave the Greek paradise for this chaos”, which then links to all the bored New Englanders of Connecticut, who would comment “why the heck Connecticut, from all places on this world”, leading right into the Greeks, who after realizing my dual citizenship and NY practical connectivity, will open their eyes wide and think that I must simply have gone nuts for returning back, and “what the hell are you going to do with yourself on this deteriorating economy” ……

Where the heck is best to go… I go where I want to, or where this webbed life places me, or wherever I have the misforture or fortune to be.  Why  question one’s every move and one’s every act and decision, and why not simply live life the way it is and appreciate each other with honest words that we actually mean, so that we don’t pass this arguably futile life wearing a fictitious mask that only reflects the ugly inside of us..

There, I’ve had it.


So who’s perfectly happy with where they currently live?
Whoever you are, I am just sure it’s not the place that is perfect, but the fact that you have reconciled with yourself and your surroundings, in a truthful way. And next time you see a foreigner, try your first question not to be “why here”…. Be sure there is a good reason for everything, and especially for whomever spends at least five to ten minutes per day to sit down and ponder.

Those who criticize, have most likely not pondered enough. Which is a shame, because they probably think that criticizing is synonymous to pondering, and will keep thinking that until somebody hits them on the head.

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