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I found some posts from three years ago, when my Milan journey began.  That was the beginning of a new cycle of events for me, ranging from a psychological-saving life romance, to breakthrough art solutions, Italian culture shocks, hitting architectural walls and jumping over some, resolving years of track-related chronic injuries by learning to fully become aware of my body’s biomechanical patterns.. .whatever 🙂

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

Travel day
Long plane delay ….. almost a 3 hour wait due to a snow storm in Milan. 
But I went home and slept instead of waiting there. And ate some more home-food, because I knew it would be a while until my next mommy-cooked meal =(

My sister is so much fun… how on earth are we not going to hang out now … 
Did I mention she broke her cast 2 weeks before it was due? I am trying to get her to avoid her compensation pattern limp and speed up her healing process, but I think the doctors have convinced her that this will take at least 6 weeks. 

Uncomfortable plane ride, my stomach has been a mess the past few days. I have been ignoring it, only today was too sharp. It must be the unconscious stress.

Met some nice people on this flight (all Greek). A pharmacy-student, another something-student, a third political science student, and a Man (don’t know the Man’s name). 
But the Man was funny. 

There’s freakin much snow in Milan! It snowed 45cm today. When I was in Athens, one of the days was a short-sleeve weather day. 

After the luggage arrived, I looked for the shuttle, which cost 7 euros. 
Then the Man showed up, and he asked me if I knew the price. 
I said 7 euros. 
Then he himself asks the driver what the price is. The driver asks “how many people are you?”
Man turns to me, half smiling, half pissed, and says “how one earth does he charge, by the kilo?” 
Man tells the driver “we’re more than one”. (just to see what answer he gets).
Driver says “5 euro”. 
I ask the Man laughing “hey, why don’t I join your group”. 

Man tells me our bus was illegal because the driver handed no tickets. 
The driver also refused to give change, and if he had to, he got all upset and yelled. I don’t understand what he is going to do with all those five-euro bills now. But they formed a thick thick pack… 
Another guy with OCD.. ha. 
Funny ride =) 

At the Central Station a man tried to steal my bags. I karate-chopped him and left him unconscious. 

Ok no, the above was a joke… 

I went to my temporary hotel, and then I got scared. Nothing wrong with the hotel .. I just felt homesick. So to familiarize myself in my new environment, I started doing isometrics, 35minutes of them. It didn’t help. 
Good thing there’s a large mirror in the room; I stared into it and wondered why I’m wasting minutes of my life being frightened. I found my powers into the reflective image of my face and also thanked some heavenly existence for a precious friend who made me feel heaps better =).

Although I constantly strive for situations of unfamiliarity (or life finds them for me – all the time..…), I still appreciate some kind and caring words…
Of course I talked with my mom as well, but I try not to worry her with my own worries, although she miraculously read my un-comfort and had my favorite psych-sister call me again later. And then again.

I wish I had internet.  “

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

“No track-training today to familiarize myself with my otherwise daily existence, just a lot of walking around, doing tons of bureaucratic things, that I highly despise, but did not let them bring me down > I turned myself into an apathetic mode with a flavor of confidence, and things worked out.

The most interesting part was talking with the secretary of my department who knew nothing but Italian.
I am really not in the mood and state to learn a new language, but apparently it is inevitable (I know they’re not working on their English anyway =).
My short term memory is really messed up since last year, so I cannot remember that easily new words that I hear..!!! I don’t have Alzheimer’s and I’m not that old, I swear! The most recent epistemological studies actually show that lack of short term memory prevails some kind of brilliance 😛

Things are very unsettling at the moment, and I am more homesick. But I am growing.
(The last phrase I just threw in there to make me feel better).”

Friday, January 9th, 2009

“More paper work. I don’t even remember what I did today. I just remember that there is more paper work to be done on Monday.. Ahhh.. Codice fiscale, then a tax form, then open a bank account, then at the Uni to fill another form. Are there people to hire for this kind of stuff??

I met a Brazilian guy today, his tip of the day was: ‘Stop everyone on the street and talk to them. Someone will help you’.

Actually that was funny, because today people were stopping ME to help me.. One guy saw me reading my map while trying to find a street, and he asked me if I needed any help. So nice!

A little later, another helping man… I was again reading my map, a smiling man stopped me and started talking so fast, I had no idea what he was saying.. He knew some Greek words too. And English. He explained he was trying to be funny before. I never found out the joke.
He wanted my phone number to call me later, good thing he asked in Italian, so I just pretended I didn’t understand!

I went to the ‘Small Collosseum’ arena for some training. The whoooollllle track was covered with snow, except for the outer lane. Neat =) 

(I couldn’t feel my fingers by the end of the session, but that’s ok.. )

Classes start if not next Friday, the following week.

I am still homesick. But that’s ok…

I should start drawing again soon.

Track saves…  

I received a great message from a good friend today: “When all this is over, you’ll look back and feel proud of yourself!  ” 

Fingers crossed !

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