portrait making

I love drawing!  And it takes a lot of learning, along with hours of experimentation and trashing.  It’s not pure luck, it’s more of an addiction!
In fact, up until I was 19 years old, I wasn’t able to draw portraits.  I just couldn’t do it, or never had the patience to try.  And when people found out that I draw, and the first annoying thing that they would ask would be “will you draw me??”  I had to say that the only thing I don’t/can’t draw is human faces.
I started practicing portrait-making during the first or second year of college, primarily experimenting with my track-mates on the bus and during competitions.  I became better and better, and found something magically attractive into trying to portray one’s face on  paper.  It’s not just about facial characteristics – it’s the emotion and mood that captivates me most.
The most fascinating thing is putting all the art work in chronological order, and speculating the progress and changes of mood, from the maker’s point of view. And when I finish my latest work and think of what new illustration means I’ve achieved, it only takes one or two more works to truly appreciate the power of improvised progression and deeper insight, that one only acquires through constant experimentation and personal growth.
The bottom line is that it’s very hard to get anywhere without polishing one’s skills. And it’s a never ending process – yet such a beautiful and nourishing one.
Another reason I enjoy art so much, is because I find a way to thank people I love for being kind to me, or being kind in general.  Some form of emotions during the process must take place, or some deeper understanding of one’s state of heart.  (Which makes me ponder on the possibility that perhaps the reason why I haven’t achieved one single successful picture of my oldest sister is because I’ve never been able to fully figure her out, and her being my sister, makes it a bit embarrassing not to have achieved that point of ‘communication’ quite yet. :/ )
These are the latest two portraits of my two friends and training partners in Milan.  I enjoyed making these very much  and I thank them from my heart for their hospitality and inspiration  🙂  And for the delicious home-made limoncello from Sicily! 😛
and p.s. …. ‎”Every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist, not of the sitter.”    (Oscar Wilde)
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