feline runs

And here we go once more .. entrapped in the cluttered wavelengths of departures and arrivals of unstable human existence that remains, in my eyes, in such a quizzical state – either due to momentary excursions, or more randomly, due to a sad permanence of obligatory displacement or self-seeking wonder.
My condition, hybridized by the latter two, chases me as long as I can remember, in the figurative form of a feline run, in which I take the form of a feline observer looking from the state of a synthetic background condition harmonized by the main theme – ready to fully participate, or withholding myself with patience, but ever yet ready to fire.
The feelings, colored with tones of frozen blues and tints of alizarin-crimson reds, envious and admiring of the warmth of the opposing and contrasting sun-setting oranges and cobalt yellows, alternate, speed up, land, and repeat themselves in undefined patterns.  They show up on and on and on again.  The observer concentrates on undefined targets that are misplaced off of the canvas of visual framing.  The external stimuli, too many to grasp, too deep to comprehend – too hostile to embrace.

Even the sky is inconsistent.  Appearing with unrealistic shades and perceptual inquisitions, the sky forms a new kind of astronomical exposure where colors, many a times, continue the exposure of the background feline figures in space, almost trapping their inner most personal states to the eyes of the newly depicted visual perspective of the universe.
However introvert the figures would wish to appear beneath their Pirandello masks, their emotions are stripped to those who hold the ability to appreciate the diversity and mysticism of the figuratively glittering, gloomy and prolific sky.
besides …..   “Man is least himself when he talks in his own person.  Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth”.    (Oscar Wilde)


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