doctoral thesis

The Architecture of Public Open Urban Spaces;
How to Define a Syntax in the Contemporary Urban Environment                          

(PhD Yearbook 2012 – Urban and Architectural Design , Politecnico di Milano, p.559)

Institution:  Politecnico di Milano, Italy.  Supervisor:  Ilaria Valente.   External European supervisors:   Enric Massip-Bosch (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunia – Barcelona TECH), Prof. Francisco Arques Soler (Escuela Tecnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid)
- final defense March 30, 2012, Con Merito + European Doctorate Title (Doctor Europaeus)



General thesis contents:


preliminary summary & final goal


the state of the art

CIAM 8, Hoddesdon 1951 (analytic schemes)

Team 10, 1957-1972 (analytic schemes)

Milan’s infrastructural rings (analytic schemes)

Milan’s Naviglio strip  (analytic schemes)

Athens’ Thissio (analytic schemes)

Urban limits and intervals (design experimentation)

Civic art as a mosaic of cultures (design experimentation)

Urban ecological corridor (design experimentation)





“Too little research has been done on the relationship between architectonic concepts and the sensory experience of space: ‘Those who negate sensations, who negate direct experience, who negate personal participation in a praxis which is aimed at transforming reality, are not materialists’ “
~ Mao Tse Tung, Four Philosophical Essays[Peking: 1967], in:  Architectural Theory; Volume II. An Anthology from 1871 to 2005, edited by Harry Francis Mallgrave and Christina Contandriopoulos. Blackwell Publishing, MA, Oxford, Victoria: 2008, p.451.


                                                                                                                                                                                              >> read next:  abstract

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