CIAM 8, Hoddesdon 1951

“Nowadays it is not easy for us to imagine the important role that the central square played in the life of an old city.  Traffic and exchange of thoughts, in the days where the printing press and newspapers were unknown, took pace much more intensely on the marketplace; for us, who find our world-wide daily news at the breakfast table and who are used to conducting most of our business by letters and telephone calls, it is enormously difficult to conceive the importance […] of the agora and forum (or of a medieval, Renaissance or Baroque square”.
 [~Raymond Unwin, Town Planning in Practice. An Introduction to the Art of Designing Cities and Suburbs, T-Fisher-Unwin, London: 1971, (orig.1909), p.175.]

The following links show examples of a thorough diagrammatic and schematic analysis of the public space solutions presented formally during the symposium CIAM 8 in Hoddesdon in1951, forming an innovative extraction of a theoretical structural framework of the public open urban space that started to take shape during the problems of modernity:

New Bastle, Switzerland - ‘a new city neighborhood’, O.Senn et al

- Bastle, Switzerland - ‘ a new center for an old city’, O.Senn et al  

Chimbote,Peru – J.L.Sert w/Oficina Nacional de Planeamient y Urbanismo

Civic center, California

Coventry, England – ‘a new center for a bombed city’, D.EE.Gibson et al

Graduate center at Harvard campus, Massachussetts - ‘the human scale’, Walter Gropius

- Lausanne, Switzerland – ‘a new center for an old city’, W.Vetter    

New Haven, U.S.A  – ‘project for a replanned city center’, students of YaleUniversity

- Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A. – students of Pratt Institute 

Tretan, Oslo, Norway – ‘a new center of several suburbs’

Paris, France - in search for the core of a city’, J.Alaurent

- Pilot PLan of Lima, Peru – P.S.Wiener, J.L.Sert w/Oficina Nacional de Planeamient  y Urbanismo 

Morocco, Rabat Sale  - ‘a new satellite town’, CIAM Group of Morocco

Stevenage, England - ‘project for a residential sector of a new town’,  students of the A.A.

- Stevenage, England  – ‘plan for a new town’, Gordon Stephenson    

Tumaco, Pacific coast of Colombia - ‘new trends will affect the core’, Paul Lester Wiener


 For use of this work , reference:  Leontiadis, Stefanie (2015) The Architecture of Public Open Urban Spaces: Syntax and Representation. Saarbrücken: Edizioni Accademiche Italiane .
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