Team 10, 1957-1972

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The following links show examples of a thorough diagrammatic and schematic analysis of the public space solutions presented formally during the actions of Team 10, in the post-CIAM 1957-1972 period, forming an innovative extraction of a theoretical structural framework of the public open urban spaces that continued to take shape throughout modernity, in search of new vocabularies of public open urban space communication and thematic strength of design:

- Kennemerland regional plan, 1957-59 – Van den Broek and Bakema

Ecological Arctic Town, 1958 – Ralph Erskine

Hauptstadt Berlin competition, 1957-58 – Alison and Peter Smithson

Bagnols-sur Cèse urban extension, 1956-61 – Candilis-Josic-Woods

Caen Herouville, Bilbao Val d’Asua, Toulouse-Le Mirail urban studies 1961-62 – Candilis-Josic-Woods

Buikslotermeer urban study, Amsterdam, 1962-63 – Van den Broek, Bakema and Aldo van Eyck

- Tel Aviv city center, 1962 – Van den Broek and Bakema



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