Lausanne, Switzerland

CIAM 8, Hoddesdon 1951
Lausanne, Switzerland – ‘a new center for an old city’, W.Vetter
The plan was initiated for a town population of 120,000.  The development is composed on the grid-foundational layout of an extended civic public open space, which, punctuated by connective, organized, and partially organic green forms, offers a variety of cultural and entertaining facilities.  The challenge of the particular plan was the preservation of the existing warehouses that lied twelve meters below the level of the surrounding streets.  The new plan keeps this morphological characteristic, but puts a roof over the warehouses with a platform on which stand:  a new twenty-storey town hall; an arts center with a concert hall, museum and library; a commercial center with cafe’s, shops and theater at and below street level, surmounted by ten-storey office buildings.


For use of this work , reference:  Leontiadis, Stefanie (2015) The Architecture of Public Open Urban Spaces: Syntax and Representation. Saarbrücken: Edizioni Accademiche Italiane .



New Bastle, Switzerland - ‘a new city neighborhood’, O.Senn et al
Bastle, Switzerland - ‘ a new center for an old city’, O.Senn et al
Chimbote,Peru – J.L.Sert w/Oficina Nacional de Planeamient y Urbanismo
Civic center, California
Coventry, England – ‘a new center for a bombed city’, D.EE.Gibson et al
Graduate center at Harvard campus, Massachussetts - ‘the human scale’, Walter Gropius
- Lausanne, Switzerland - ‘a new center for an old city’, W.Vetter
New Haven, U.S.A  – ‘project for a replanned city center’, students of YaleUniversity
- Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A. – students of Pratt Institute 
Tretan, Oslo, Norway – ‘a new center of several suburbs’
Paris, France - in search for the core of a city’, J.Alaurent
Pilot PLan of Lima, Peru – P.S.Wiener, J.L.Sert w/Oficina Nacional de Planeamient  y Urbanismo 
Morocco, Rabat Sale  - ‘a new satellite town’, CIAM Group of Morocco
Stevenage, England - ‘project for a residential sector of a new town’,  students of the A.A.
Stevenage, England  – ‘plan for a new town’, Gordon Stephenson
Tumaco, Pacific coast of Colombia - ‘new trends will affect the core’, Paul Lester Wiener

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