map art


2d map layerings / superimpositions

perceptual 3d mappings

a few words:
My personal research has focused on ways to find new illustrative and theoretical methodologies of public open urban space perception to assist further with the investigation of keywords that alter, affect or emphasize the perception of urban experiences through multi-dimensional layering-expression of two- and three-dimensional representations.  I have achieved this through:
-        the marriage of mapping and interpretive color-rendering by hand, where mapping can take place either through visual copying, tracing, or printing, and coloring is the process of the analytic consequence of an architectural or urban design site-analysis; this analysis, as it withholds multiple layers of context including topology, typology, morphology, green networks, density analysis etc., creates a rich ground-base for multivalent interpretative creative work;
-        transparent three-dimensional representation of spaces that withhold multiple layers of historical, political, contextual, structural or interpretative meaning;
 –        the schematic drawing analysis of public open urban spaces to justify their status of ‘civic art’ as parts of historical places of heritage (which is a very frequent case within European cities);
-        the interpretative drawing of on-site traveling to public open urban spaces of Milan, capturing the perceptual feel of speculative moving through spaces of the urban network.



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