Fine Arts

“Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.”   ~Leonardo da Vinci
The things I share with you here, are …..
rational perspectives of a grounded viewer walking on a carpet of mist (or you can call them “natural perception”)
irrational perspectives of a holographic Gaze that imagines more that can be rationally conceived (what usually translates into “love & passion”)
transparent stares through atomic compositions that make up human forms (or “portraits”, if you like)
frozen instances of zoned action moments, captured at the speed of light where time equaled zero ( “action & sports”)
illustrations of worldly pictures as conceived by eyes of children, and hoping you all can relate from within …     children’s hangout
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anatomy & physiology
-architectural illustrations
- sketches
- murals


Αrt Philosophy
Through personal experiences, I have found that the most communicative art results, derive from phases of personal unsettlements that invoke the strongest emotions.
Art is a fascinating tool to freeze those ‘spontaneous’ perspectives, express them in figurative forms and colors, and share with the holographic gazes of those who are willing to look and understand.
Art reinforces moments of discomfort and turns life’s instances into energetic and evoking memories.
It has the ability to alter levels of emotion toward whatever direction you and I wish.
It is transformational and promotes spiritual and mental evolution.
Despite us humans not having evolved as a species since long ago, our innate possibilities are endless, if we only realize our true potentials.
From Neolithic painted stones and Pre-historic art, to marble sculpted enterprises, to glass and steel ascensions and Contempoary abstractions, to today …
… whenever our ideas of natural inspirational fuels become humdrum, we seek for new comfort zones and new creative possibilities of newly fabricated realities, relating to evolutionary minds of us modern humans.
So whatever state you are in right now, I ask you to unsettle for a moment, open your inner eyes, imagine, look, settle there for a bit and experience a new state that will show you a different dimension. When done frequently, life becomes a fascinating experience, at any level or task.
Yours Sincerely,
Stefanie Leontiadis


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