Architectural & Urban Design

“This infinite tension between the two mirrors constitutes a void.  As Oscar Wilde once pointed out, in order to defend any paradox, the wit depends on memory.   By absorbing and reflecting all information, the mirrors – and the mind – become a wheel, a sort of circular retrieval system.  In architecture, between the mirrors of ideal space and real space, the same thing happens.  Long proscribed in an amnesic world where only progress and technological advance count, architectural memory returns.”
~Cf. Antoine Grumbach, “L’Architecture et l’Evidente Nécessité de la Mémoire,” L’Art Vivant, no.56, January 1975.

-creative practice research (2013)

- phd thesis (2012)

- ecological corridor for thessaloniki (2011)

- civic art as a mosaic of cultures (2011)

- placa de les glories catalanes (2010)

- urban limits and intervals (2009)

- international home of video games (2007)

- trinity on main (2007)

- downtown hartford redevelopment (2006)

- architectural miscellaneous



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