placa de les glories catalanes 2010

supervisor: Guya Bertelli

“The form of the city is now considered as an open system, that is not fixed into determined limits, but structurally identified through the big relationship among its components.  In this period the model of the ‘Closed city’ will be substituted with the new model of the ‘Open city’” (Guya Bertelli, “The Form in Architecture”).
Treating the VOID has residual nature. It is “the result of a movement of removal of matter or of retraction from human activity  from parts of the territory”.
Investigating Ruins through expansion and rarefaction: Introducing a different dimension with time/ Connecting the past with the present/ Orientation and Identification.
Investigating Signs: Verbal expressions/ Symbols/ Points of reference/ ‘Shouting from a distance’.
Investigating Traces through expansion and rarefaction: Σχήματα (schemata = shapes)/ Restoring meaning and identity/ Definition of ‘figure as structure’, the defines the internal conformation.
Axis and (green) orientation:                                                                                                                                                             – axis along the Diagonal                                                                                                                                                                      – New Tower direction, green expansion, circulation                                                                                                                  – axis along the Meridiana                                                                                                                                                                    – green expansion, circulation                                                                                                                                                                 – consideration of the green on the North                                                                                                                                       Joint formations due to axis':  emphasizing public open urban space/ defining new limits/ defining new urban geographies/ re-conquering spaces/ creating dialogue with vicinity                                                                           Keywords: expansion, joint networks, meshing, transit spaces
The outcome of the Node dwells upon the circular memory of the old road junction.  It becomes the ‘point of support’ of a system of complex relationships, “real and virtual, physical and non spatial, that can be the central topic of interconnected ]elements] at different levels of artificiality , typologically complex, formally in congruence” (G.Bertelli, “Morphology of the Network”)
The result-figures express the new structural modification of the explosive city, which strives for expansion and ‘sprawl’. Transformation occurs through public and architectural ‘intervals’ , with moments of stability and instability.  The aim is to also achieve persistence of expression and variability of atmosphere, underlying different geographies on the site; ‘moments of discontinuity’ (Bertelli, “The View of the Site”).
“Each point can connect itslef with another point and the succession of the connections has no limits.  In other words, the rimzome can multiply (propagate) endlessly”.            (U. Eco, 1984).



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