ecological corridor for thessaloniki 2011

Thessaloniki ECOWEEK 2011 – Urban Communities + Green Architecture – International Workshop for Architecture & Design
Individual Analysis – by Stefanie Leontiadis
The main considerations of the following illustrations include:
a) study of emergence of characteristic linkages between activity and spatial patterns in human settlements; such linkages, when repeated over time, form islands of local order structuring the larger patterns of global, ecological and economic flows; b) creating layers of meaning for current production; c) understanding the sense of shifting, and the changing of urban morphologie; d) studying the new or uniform re-combinations and hybridizations of the city structure; e) considering Christopher Girot’s three main forces of’ ‘degeneration’, ‘permanence’ and ‘transformation’, for a new understanding (“Vision in Motion; Representing Landscape in Time” in The Landscape Urbanism)
Key words/phrases: medium of resistance to placeless urbanization, regionalism of resistance, landscape medium, adaptation, emergence of settlement patterns, urban ecologies, morphological patterns
Workshop group project leaders: George Hargreaves (principal), Io Karydi (associate).


Group project members: Gauri Avasak, Asini Chatzivasileiou, Charalampos Kazas, Myrto Lambrou, Petros Lazaridis, Stefanie Leontiadis, Maria Pachi, Anna Papadopoulou, Despina Pippa, Milica Stojanovic, Ourania Tzala
Engineering Consultant: Vasilis Maroulas

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