civic art as a mosaic of cultures 2010

Politecnico di Milano Phd Workshop, Milan  – ‘The city as a mosaic of cultures’ (2010) (prof. Cino Zucchi)
The theme and concept (in a sentence), deals with the analysis, design and establishment of rules and definitions of ‘civic art’, in order to bring together, in a structured way, this ‘Mosaic of Cultures’.
Civic Art, mosaic, syntax, orientation, perceptual fields, mental sets, cerebral structure, dwellings, tension, repulsion, emergence, mimesis
Diminishing the scale in relation to the adjacent structures, the environment becomes one of a secured urban dwelling in which one may wander from inside to outside, through transitions of themes and experiences, not only in the horizontal direction, but also in the vertical. The creation of visual layering becomes evident as one wanders on the site. Continuing with this theme, the hosting of a different country within the pavilions captures a tresspassing character, vertically and diagonally continuing upwards, in an effort to overlap the impression of thematic continuity, contrary to the vertical logic. This expresses the differentiation but continuity of a structural whole, where the urban traveler faces perceptual illusions of what might be, and what is. This is a theme often evident in the contemporary city, and is thoroughly expressed in this workshop design.
The design teaches the visitor to particularize, to articulate, and to make distinction where before there was only an undifferentiated mass.  It brings forth a questionable level of expectation as to what comes next, as the exterior scenery constantly changes in volume and hierarchy, providing continuing waves of visual fulfillment, right guesses, and wrong moves, as the entry into the second level will bring the anticipating viewer diagonally into the adjacent pavilion of the next nation.  There is a constant playfulness of ‘mental sets’.

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