self operation

(interpreted by Ioannis Roussakis)
With the soul’s anticipation, she  strives to gather all the scattered pieces of her self that have been the consequences of deception and false knowledge of revealing circumstances (poisonous mushrooms).  She has found refuge in the unreachable, rough and flagrant woods, causing a firm and lacerating cry inside her.  Because of the deception, and because the soul was untrained, she deliberately comes to these woods, looking around her with fear and wonder – at the same time with admiration – perceiving it holy.  Now is the opportunity to heal herself here in this absolute serenity.  The book will offer her spiritual therapy, but because of its size, it will not heal her instantly; there needs to be great effort put, because the depths of the soul are great, and it is indeed hard to realize its secrets because of all the sufferings endured.  She’d think that she has gained knowledge from the initial pages, and that she sowed the knee in success of getting better. But after a while, it will tear up again….

What does it mean to tear one’s Being apart, to sow it, and to tear it up again…  One would sow it again and again and again and the same thing would repeat itself.  Much time is needed to acquire knowledge, and so it is still the beginning, every time. 
But could it be also the stress due to all the sufferings resulted from voraciousness, lustiness, anger and cognitive sleep..?  This is the reason why our girl tries to nourish her soul, and from her stare we understand that she has captured her errors and will need to begin new missions in pursuit of esoteric tranquility.  Again and again. 
 (interpreted by Ioannis Roussakis)
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