So what about addictions?  They enrapture our every moment, and although escape is often desired, it is above all feared…  Perhaps religion is a form of addiction.
Like training.
It gives us momentary “highs”; satisfies us for some periods of time, until it starts hurting in one form or another.

I think religion hurts when you “grow out of it” and become aware of personal limits. I seek treatment out of such addiction from grasping the true meaning of it, and not the smelly surface. Organized religion withholds many smelly aspects. 

Training hurts when ………….

I am not sure, yet.
I am still constantly experiencing the momentary highs, which build up tolerance.
And this addiction crashes whenn……..
I am hoping for a deadline spotted far away on an infinite time table, because the concept is too perfect in my mind to set limits to.

But like all addictions, when they do occur and the crash point appears, sometimes it is more comforting to return to the addiction rather than run away from it.
I hope I avoid such solution in whatever aspect of my life.

Nobody knows what will happen in the end, all I know now is the importance of finding addictions that unhide hidden truths that have been kept secret for whatever reason there is……

And the bottom line is.. nothing ever makes full sense.  (let alone the above post!!!!)

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